My Mission — Why I am a Massage Therapist

  • Because I choose to care for people
  • Because I want to employ natural methods first
  • Because I know doctors do not heal, only the body can heal itself
  • Because my soul is happiest serving others
  • Because I believe every healing turns on the nervous system
  • To revive healing energy
  • Because healing is in alignment with Nature
  • Because I desire to help preserve health
  • Because I trust the body’s life force to heal itself because this is the way
  • I can make a difference



“I have been with Suzanne for 5 years, without a doubt the best massage therapist I have ever had. We first met at my sister's house and I had a severely sprained ankle. I had the quickest recovery I have ever had from this injury because of her care.

Suzanne is a warm, wonderful genuine person who I am glad to call my friend and massage therapist.”

    —Dr. Jay Rindineau, Chief of Staff, St. Vincent's Hospital and wife Erin

Suzanne N. Vallez

Certified Massage Therapist

Suzanne N. Vallez attended Healing Hands School of Massage in Orange County and has completed her holistic health practitioner degree (1,000 hours). She has studied with Elizabeth Kubler Ross and was taught skills to assist with the seriously ill. She has been a hospice volunteer for over ten years.

uplifted handsIn 1981 after her father died due to bad health and a heart attack, Suzanne did some serious soul searching. Intuitively, she knew she was a natural healer like her grandmother, Angela, who healed hundreds of people. Suzanne discovered her life path was healing and studied esoteric healing for five years. She learned that "disease inhibits soul life and is a misuse of energy" and believes in expressing the soul to its fullest. She is also a minister, spiritual counselor and meditation teacher.

Suzanne practices a combination of therapeutic and neuromuscular therapy which is effective in the relief of chronic and acute pain. She sees the value of integrating spiritual work such as Reiki and intuitive healing. After working with the body for over 15 years Suzanne understands the importance of integrating physical, spiritual and emotional healing, body awareness, connecting the total integration of mind, body and spirit.

At The Healing Touch, Suzanne is focused on assisting people in all walks of life, moving out of their pain and getting on with a healthy lifestyle. She provides information about self-care, body awareness instruction and information on the importance of these elements in most healing programs that lead to total recovery. Suzanne offers several free brochures; see the Free Info page to request copies of one or more brochures.

Using our natural intuition and the integration of body, mind, and spirit, our paths lead us to becoming multi-sensory. Suzanne says, “when we learn to use all of our gifts and talents, with gratitude and rid our blockages held in the body, we can then have a foundation for a successful life, filled with abundance and our heart's desires to share our God-given talents, then we can make a difference in the world.”

Suzanne has been a Universal Life Minister for many years. She marries, baptizes people and does funerals as well as spiritual counseling. She is a certified Teacher of The Wisdom and does Wisdom Therapy, Wisdom Counseling and The Healing Heart ministries on relationships. She practices the Pat Allen Principles in Relationships and is studying to become a mentor in her program.