What's the Right Technique for Me?

When you call me for the first time I know that you want to get healed and are meeting me half way. In your first session, I ask you to fill out a New Client Information Sheet. This includes medical questions and any conditions you have had previously and currently have that I need to be aware of. This also allows me to see if there are any contraindications before you receive your first massage (see How To Receive a Great Massage).

Then, I evaluate your body and find out what's going on. I give you a thorough body myotherapy screening. I always communicate with you about the pressure. If it's a good hurt it is OK. If it's a hurt-hurt you can tell me to lighten up a bit. I get feedback from you which helps you to become more aware of your body.

I teach Body Awareness and how to breathe properly. This is very important. Sometimes people do not know or realize that they have pain until they get worked on. Where needed, I point this out to help you tune into your body's own signals.

I give you stretching exercises, recommend regular massages for those acutely in pain and follow up to see how you are doing. I offer several suggestions and recommend several massage modalities depending on your specific needs.

You may feel better immediately or in a day or two. If you have not had massage for a while you may be sore, but this is good because I have worked toxins and lactic acid out of your body. It is highly recommended that you drink plenty of water after massage and take ibruprofen if you have pain or soreness. I also use several additional techniques such as deep tissue, sports massage, or shiatsu (acupressure) where indicated.



“We have been using Suzanne since we moved to Leisure World 9 years ago. We travel world-wide and can hardly wait to come back to see Suzanne with her magic fingers when we come back from our trips.”

    —Dr. Bill Hindle and wife Susan

Massage Techniques

Therapeutic Massage

Includes a combination of techniques including breath therapy, aromatherapy, reflexology, acupressure, advanced circulatory, Swedish, shiatsu, sports, deep tissue.

Deep Tissue Manipulations

Muscle sculpting and structural organization as pioneered by Ida Rolf. Fascial manipulation techniques. Mind, body, emotional connection.


Certified reflexologist concentrating on meridian areas of foot that correlate with different parts of the body.


Eastern approach to healing which includes understanding the energy channels (meridians) that flow through the body. Techniques used to increase, tonify or increase the Chi. Increase of blood and lymph circulation, treatment for specific injuries, and balancing the energies of the body, mind and spirit.


Special care is given to the expectant mom-to-be. The main concern is for the mother's comfort while providing effective bodywork which she needs to feel more comfortable. Suzanne is available for pre-labor support (doula) and hospital labor room.

Chair Massage

Onsite fully clothed massage on a special chair in a sitting position. This is a good technique for the working person who needs relief in the high tension areas of the neck, shoulders, arms and upper back. Available for hotels, office, corporate, parties and special events.

Advanced Circulatory and Sports Massage

Different styles of work with the thumbs, elbows, fingers, knuckles and palms. Sports massage incorporates techniques to treat clients ranging from the moderately active of the serious athlete. Deep invigorating massage for pre-event and training maintenance. Special focus is on deep cross fiber techniques used to clean out old adhesions and scar tissue to promote better performance and faster healing.

Hospice and Geriatric Care

Over 10 years experience working with terminally ill and elderly and their special needs such as circulation, assisted stretching and overall sense of well being during senior years.


Essential oils are incorporated in the massage for overall relaxation and specific oils are used for headaches, respiratory ailments, etc.


A 2,500 year old Tibetan massage system which reduces stress, negative energy and other imbalances allowing the body to become balanced, centered and focused. Reiki utilizes the energy we carry and helps us to improve connection to our spiritual body.

Lomi Lomi — Hawaiian Massage

An ancient healing art includes traditional floor strokes, stretches and deep tissue. Herbal healing, energy healing with rocks and Hawaiian folklore.

Water Stone Therapy

A multifaceted technique of massage that capitalizes on traditional practices, but with a current approach. An array of smooth basalt stones marinating in a 125 F) to 150F) water bath are chosen to fit specific muscle contours to massage the body from head to toe. This "vascular gymnastics" of the circulatory system assists the body in self-healing. Used thousands of years ago by the Chinese and American Indians. Life can be a rocky road, so get a rock massage therapy.

Cranial Sacral Therapy

This is a very gentle and soft therapy in application with deep and powerful effects on the body. By utilizing the rhythm of the cerebrospinal fluid, a natural non-traumatic realignment occurs in the skeletal and cranial structure. As this realignment occurs, the body corrects itself mentally, physically and emotionally. Cerebrospinal fluid is the shock absorbing cushion surrounding the brain and spinal cord-the control centers of all the nerves of the body.

Somatics-Body Awareness

Awareness Somatic massage combines functional movement with massage to reprogram and enhance neuromuscular function. Activates the sensory nerves with specific massage strokes and, at the same time, training the motor nerves by guiding the recipient in specific movements, this dynamic approach encourages great biomechanical freedom as well as release of old holding patterns.